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29 February - 14 March 2024

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel to Namibia for a photography workshop.

Erindi, one of the most unique private reserves on the African continent will be exclusively ours. There, we will spend seven days observing every kind of animal you can imagine. Having unique and unlimited access to lions, elephants, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos, and all of their species. You will encounter wild creatures on the ground, learn about their behaviour, and share the same space with them in an environment where animals are free and untamed - something that is only done because of our exclusive relationship with the reserve. After our visit, the reserve will close its doors for renovations until 2026, so this will be the last chance to live this experience.

Following an idyllic week in this reserve, we will tour the country and spend time learning about the distinctive desert that so greatly shapes its landscapes. We will drive by Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, a temple resembling a dead forest between the dunes, waiting for the passage of time. We are going to see Sandwich Harbour, the only spot in the world where desert dunes finish in the sea, and Spitzkoppe and its red stone mountains at the sun comes up. 

The proposal is to go beyond the traditional safari tourism and go into the day-to-day life of a conservationist. Participate in rescues (if the opportunity exists), learn to read animal behavior, see animals from your own perspective, dinners in the desert, and more. The expedition will also have moments of editing mentoring and how to leverage your business in photography.


The trip

Our trip will be 100% focused on photography. Everyone is welcome, regardless of photography level, age, equipment or physical condition. Non-photographers are also welcome!

Some days will be more relaxed than others - won't do any big walks, but we wake up practically every day for the sunrise and photograph until dark and some days the road will be long.


In this expedition, we intend to pass on to participants all our photographic knowledge, from animal behaviour to planning a photo and final editing, tips on the market, prints, working with brands and much more. There will be 14 days of photographic experiences in different landscape and light conditions, in addition to part of our time being devoted to theory and post-editing. The group will be relatively small - between 8 and 10 people and most journeys and tours will be made in 3 private cars and accommodation in double or triple rooms, depending on the group's disposition. 


Day 29/02 - Meet the group in Windhoek

Our meeting will be in the city of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

We'll gather the group, present ourselves and have dinner together. 

O Rosto do Fim.jpg

Day 1/03 to 06/03  - Erindi

After breakfast we'll head to Erindi Private Game Reserve, a protected reserve in central Namibia. Erindi is an environmentally friendly paradise - they are the guardians of the greatest number of endemic species and numerous conservation initiatives, with massive challenge to pursue conservation efforts in the name of eco-friendly tourism, while also strengthening the local people.

Leonardo have been an ambassador for Erindi for many years and knows not only the people, but the animals in the reserve. Therefore, our access is basically unlimited there - we can get out of the car (when safe) to photograph from the ground, approach animals from a close distance and know their back story. An immersive experience that no other operators can guarantee. Here, our guests will be home and feel what is like to live a truly African safari experience.


Day 7/03

After a morning drive in Erindi, we'll head back to Windhoek for a chill afternoon. We'll have lunch, walk around the town to visit a few sights and edit together.

Day 8/03


We have a long day ahead! We will get our cars and start exploring the rest of the country, Our first stop will be Spitzkoppe. Spitzkoppe is a collection of bald granite peaks, more than 120 million years old, making for an otherworldly landscape to explore.

Stunning arches, red granite rocks and one of the darkest skies in the planet make it a dream place to photograph.


Day 9/03

After shooting sunrise in Spitzkoppe, we'll have breakfast and head to Swakopmund - a coastal colonial town next to the biggest dunes in the country.  We'll shoot sunset in the Pink Salt Lake or in the Flamingo lagoon.

Day 10/03

Sandwich Harbour day! Perhaps one the most magical places in the world. Giant sand dunes run straight into the ocean, creating breathtaking sceneries and unique landscapes. Driving a few Defenders, we'll shoot sunrise and sunset there with the help of a local guide, and also visit the biggest colony of sea lions in the world.

*This is an extra activity, not included in the workshop. Our operator will be Mola Mola, and the price per person is around 200USD.

Encontro de Infinitos.jpg

Day 11 - 13/03

We'll get on the road again and head to the final destination of the trip. Last but not least, Sossusvlei! One of Namibia's most spectacular landmarks with its red dunes, white salt pan and Deadvlei. We'll have 2 sunsets and 2 sunrises to explore this magical park, with infinite possibilities of photography.

Here, there's the possibility of including a balloon, helicopter or scenic flight (not included!)

Day 13/03 

After sunrise and breakfast, we'll head back to Windhoek for our final night together.

Day 14/03 





Photographic equipment​

I want to make it clear that there is no such thing as mandatory equipment - what you have is enough! That said, here is a list of equipment and accessories that, if you have them, will provide a better photographic experience. Remember that, on trips of this type, we can always share material and equipment so that we all have an incredible experience! Feel free to contact us beforehand to ask for help when packing/getting equipment.


  • Camera (DSLR/Mirrorless); Two bodies will provide the best safari experience.

  • Lenses: For game drives, telephotos will perform the best. Around 400mm is already a great range but, when talking wildlife, the more the better. We recommend having at least a 100-400 or similar. For the rest of the trip, regular mid-range lenses like 24-70 are great.

  • Tripod - indispensable for night photo shoots;

  • Monopod - for keeping the camera steady inside the safari vehicles (totally optional and personal, works great for video)

  • Extra batteries;

  • Memory cards;

  • Cables and chargers;

  • Polarizer/ND filter;

  • HD or SSD for storage;

  • Laptop (preferably with Lightroom and Photoshop installed);

  • Drone (not allowed in many places, but worth bringing);

  • External battery;

  • Comfortbale camera bag;

  • Etc!


Working with partner brands

One of the great differentials of this workshop is that we will learn, in practice, how to work with brands. From planning to execution and delivery, we'll get the full experience of how we can monetize "travel photography". We will have a clear briefing of what the brand is looking for as content and we will work as a team to accomplish this task in the best possible way. In this way, we will also train our commercial look so that those who are interested can enter or increase their presence in the photographic market.




The price of the trip is BRL 22.500 / USD 4600 per person. 50% of the payment must be made at the time of booking to guarantee your place and the reminder up to 30 days before the trip (January 28th)

Payment options: Credit card - in installments (with interest, according to the Mercado Pago rate) or in cash, without interest. (Paypal), bank transfer or PIX (to pay with this method, get in touch).

We are happy to organize a way that's convenient for you pay. Feel free to send us a message.

What's included:


  • All accommodation including breakfast and Wi-Fi in a double or triple room (for a single room there will be an extra fee if available). 

  • All tours and activities (unless listed as optional)​


What is not included:


  • Airline tickets

  • Health insurance

  • Photographic equipment insurance

  • Lunch and dinner (in some days)

  • Other meals not mentioned in the program

  • Drinks

  • Optional tours and activities



In case of cancellation:


  • Until 2023, the cancellation is free.

  • If canceled In January, a 50% fee will be charged.

  • After payment of the second installment (deadline: January 28th), the cancellation will not be allowed. If the participant cannot attend, the total cost of the course will be charged.


The participant is allowed to give up his/her spot/find someone else to replace him/her if his/her absence is confirmed, without any additional cost.

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