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16-26 November 2023

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing our second photographic expedition in Patagonia!


We will focus on the regions of El Chalten (Argentina) and Torres del Paine (Chile). Patagonia is a region known for its mountains, lakes, wildlife, rivers, glaciers and it's ever changing climate. Photographing in Patagonia requires planning and preparation, but it can be a very rewarding experience. At this time of year the days are incredibly long - sunset is around 9pm, so we'll have plenty of time to photograph!

Our proposal on this trip is a little different from the usual. Think of a road trip with friends, with the freedom to stop wherever and whenever you want to take pictures, all in your own time. An amazing and unforgettable experience! Here's a recap of our last trip:

The trip

Our trip will be 100% focused on photography. Everyone is welcome, regardless of photography level, age, equipment or physical condition.

Some days will be more relaxed than others - we will do 2 long trails, of medium/difficult difficulty and we wake up practically every day for the sunrise. These activities are optional, but we highly recommend doing them!


In this expedition, we intend to pass on to participants all our photographic knowledge, from planning a photo to final editing, tips on the market, NFTs, prints and much more. There will be 10 days of photographic experiences in different landscape and light conditions, in addition to part of our time being devoted to theory and post-editing. The group will be relatively small - between 8 and 10 people and all journeys and tours will be made in 3 private cars and accommodation in double or triple rooms, depending on the group's disposition. We will camp on the mountain for 1 night.


Day 1 - 16/11

Our meeting will be in the city of El Calafate, Argentina.

The idea is to have lunch together around noon and continue on to El Chalten (2 hours by car). We recommend arriving in El Calafate on the morning flight or the night before.

In the afternoon we will go to El Chalten. The road is incredibly scenic, so we'll go very slowly. After dropping off our bags at the hotel and depending on the weather, we'll take pictures of the sunset from the panoramic view of the city (Mirador del Paredon), the road itself or from the Mirador Rio de Las Vueltas.

Overnight: Alma de Patagonia​​


Day 2 - 17/11

Our first sunrise!

Let's get in the car and see the sun in one of the most special and "classic" places in Patagonia - the road to El Chaltén! After sunrise, we headed back to the hotel for breakfast, editing and rest for our first big adventure!

After a light lunch, we'll trek to Laguna Torre, where we'll camp overnight. We will leave our suitcase at the hotel and walk with only what is necessary. It is one of the most accessible trails to the famous lagoons of El Chalten (+- 8km, 3 hours each way). The camping is sheltered and is very close to the lagoon. We will photograph the sunset, the stars and the sunrise. Get ready for a night full of photography and little sleep :)

If you don't have or don't want to bring your own camping equipment, you can rent everything in El Chaltén for a very affordable price. (we even recommend it!)

*This activity can be suspended/modified according to the weather conditions.

Brightness_Contrast 1.JPG

Day 3 - 18/11

After taking pictures in the morning, we'll have an improvised breakfast at the campsite and head down to the city. It will be a quiet day, as we will be tired. We will take the opportunity to sit down and edit together. Sunset will be free, but we can definitely photograph somewhere nearby, keep editing or just have a chill dinner!

Overnight: Alma de Patagonia

Day 4 - 19/11


We have a long day ahead! We will continue our journey to Torres del Paine. The drive will take us about 7 hours on a wonderful road, with open fields and guanacos everywhere.

We will stay right next to the gate of Torres del Paine Park, close to Lake Pehoé, a true postcard of the region. We will photograph the sunset on the lake (probably at Explora Hotel) and sleep.

Overnight: Goiien House

Day 5 & 6 - 20 and 21/11

Full day at Torres del Paine! We'll photograph sunrises and sunsets. We have a few locations in mind to photograph, but we're totally free to explore the park as we want. The afternoons will be free so we can edit together. For the adventurous ones, there is the possibility of doing long hikes to several viewpoints and lagoons. 

Overnight: Goiien House

Day 7 - 22/11


We will wake up early once again and head back to the park for sunrise (exact location TBD). We'll go back to the base, have breakfast, get in the car and head towards Puerto Natales, where we'll have another peaceful day of and rest and urban exploration. We can also visit the Cuevas de Milondon, an immense cave where evidence was found that man already inhabited this icy region at least 12,000 years ago.

Overnight: Trotamundos


Day 8 - 23/11

We will leave Puerto Natales and The road is impressive, so we will stop several times to take pictures. After the tour, we'll hit the road towards El Calafate, again in Argentina, where we'll spend the other two nights.

Overnight: Austral Suites

Day 9 - 24/11

We will wake up in El Calafate and spend the whole day on the Perito Moreno glacier. Perito Moreno is one of the main tourist attractions in El Calafate and the only glacier in the world that is growing, not shrinking!


*This tour is optional and not included in the package.


For that day, we will have 3 tour options: Only the walkways/lookout, "Small trek" and "Big Trek". The last two options consist of crossing the lake by boat and walking on the glacier with appropriate shoes, an indescribable and unmissable experience. For more information:

After a long day, we'll head back to El Calafate for dinner and sleep.

Day 9 - 25/11

Free day! We'll get together, reflect and absorb everything we experienced on the trip. We can edit, rest, go out to eat, photograph, or drive without plans. It will be the last day of the trip, so we can do whatever we want.

Overnight: Austral Suites

Day 10 - 26/11

Farewell day! We'll say goodbye with a heart full of gratitude and great memories!




















Some raw moments of our previous expedition.


Photographic equipment​

I want to make it clear that there is no such thing as mandatory equipment - what you have is enough! That said, here is a list of equipment and accessories that, if you have them, will provide a better photographic experience. Remember that, on trips of this type, we can always share material and equipment so that we all have an incredible experience! Feel free to contact us beforehand to ask for help when packing/getting equipment.


  • Camera (DSLR/Mirrorless);

  • Lenses: Both open (wide) and long (tele) lenses work super well in Patagonia. We recommend taking everything you have!;

  • Tripod - indispensable for night photo shoots;

  • Extra batteries;

  • Memory cards;

  • Cables and chargers;

  • Polarizer/ND filter;

  • HD or SSD for storage;

  • Laptop (preferably with Lightroom and Photoshop installed);

  • Drone (not allowed in many places, but worth bringing);

  • External battery;

  • Comfortbale camera bag;

  • Etc!


Working with partner brands

One of the great differentials of this workshop is that we will learn, in practice, how to work with brands. From planning to execution and delivery, we'll get the full experience of how we can monetize "travel photography". We will have a clear briefing of what the brand is looking for as content and we will work as a team to accomplish this task in the best possible way. In this way, we will also train our commercial look so that those who are interested can enter or increase their presence in the photographic market.

Recommendations about Argentina and what to bring (IMPORTANT!)

  • Documents accepted for entry into Argentina and Chile: Valid passport OR original identity card (RG) issued less than 10 years ago, with your recognizable photo (Brazilians only)


  • COVID: It will be necessary to prove complete vaccination (in Spanish) or take a PCR test within the 48 hours prior to entering Chile. In Argentina, it is not necessary. Both countries do not ask for health insurance, but we recommend having it.


  • No visa or entry form is required.


  • Immigration may ask for proof of income and/or return ticket to departure country.


  • Argentina has a very serious inflation problem, which has resulted in a "parallel" exchange called the "blue dollar". Our recommendation is to enter the country with US dollars and make the blue exchange in Buenos Aires, before the trip. In Calafate and Chalten there are no official exchange offices, but most hotels and restaurants can convert. It is also possible to withdraw Argentine pesos on the "Blue" exchange rate at Western Union branches, but the process is a little more time-consuming and bureaucratic. If you have any questions about this, you can contact us. BRING CASH!


We recommend arriving a day or two before in Buenos Aires to do this exchange process and to get to explore the city​.



The price of the trip is 8500 reais, per person. 50% of the payment must be made at the time of booking to guarantee your place and the reminder up to 30 days before the trip (October 16th)

Payment options: Credit card - in installments (with interest, according to the Mercado Pago rate) or in cash, without interest. (Paypal), bank transfer or PIX (to pay with this method, get in touch)

What's included:


  • All accommodation including breakfast and Wi-Fi in a double or triple room (for a single room there will be an extra fee if available). In Torres, the room will be quadruple.

  • All tours and activities (unless listed as optional)​


What is not included:


  • Airline tickets

  • Health insurance

  • Photographic equipment insurance

  • Camping equipment

  • Lunch and dinner

  • Other meals not mentioned in the program

  • Drinks

  • Optional tours and activities



In case of cancellation:


  • Until September 16, the cancellation is free.

  • After September 16, a 50% fee will be charged.

  • After payment of the second installment (deadline: October 16th), the cancellation will not be allowed. If the participant cannot attend, the total cost of the course will be charged.


The participant is allowed to give up his/her spot/find someone else to replace him/her if his/her absence is confirmed, without any additional cost.

For any questions or information, get in touch!

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