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Hawaii 18 - 28 March 2024
with Maysa Santoro

Hawaii is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world and is known for it's energetically-charged, raw, and unforgiving landscape. It is also where you can find climate zones such as tropical monsoon, tundra and desert all within an hour drive. Following Köppen climate classification scheme Hawaii has 4 out of the 5 major climate zones in the world and 8 out of 13 of the sub-zones. The Big Island and Kauai islands  will allow us to photograph our planet’s biodiversity in just a 12-day shooting period while also immersing ourselves in a deep connection with nature and Hawaiian culture.


Hawaii is a land where nature is respected and the goddess Pele is the native people's greatest reference. There, every living being is praised and cared for by the Hawaiian people who do not see themselves as part of the American continent. In Hawaii, aloha means love.. The Aloha spirit is cooperation, care and mutual respect.


On this expedition we will have the opportunity to find one of the 4 green sand beaches in the world, the most active volcano in the world with great possibilities of seeing liquid lava, black sand beaches, turtles resting on the beach and beautiful sunsets at the top of the largest mountain in the world considering its base. We will go from the sea to the mountains, during the whale breeding season and the snow, all in the same place. Welcome to the most magical place in the world!


Biologist, diver and environmental educator, Maysa has been dedicated to environmental conservation causes worldwide since 2014, contributing to Institutes in South Africa with the rescue of native big cats, in Brazil with the rescue of endangered primates and with big non-profit organizations worldwide known such as Only One and WWF-Brazil . 


Maysa does solo wild campings, climb high mountains in the winter of the Andes in South America, has been in a voyage to the Arctic islands and is always ready for her next adventure.


After so many solo experiences around the world, Maysa discovered that the best way to connect with nature is by sharing beautiful moments alongside like-minded people, educating about the local wildlife and ecology for conservation purposes.

Maysa - Co-host and local guide


The trip

Despite being mostly focused on photography, everyone is welcome - regardless of photography level, age, equipment or physical condition. Non-photographers are also welcome to join!

Some days will be more relaxed than others - we have a few big walks, we wake up practically every day for the sunrise and photograph until dark and some days the road will be long.


In this expedition, we intend to pass on to participants all our photographic knowledge, from animal behavior to planning a photo and final editing, tips on the market, prints, working with brands, and much more. Maysa will be with us for the whole trip, explaining all about her second home.


Day 1 - Meet the group in Kona

Our meeting will be in the Big Island, on the Kona side of the island where it is sunny almost the entire year round. The idea is to chill in the Airbnb to get used to the jetlag of 8h behind. We will align our expectations on the trip, Maysa explains about the Island and we will enjoy the sunset on one of the beaches in the region.

Day 2 - Ocean Safari

Meeting with giants. On that day, the idea is to get to know Hawaii at its best: the ocean with its large marine animals, with great chances of seeing humpback whales and hearing them underwater, swimming with manta rays, sharks and more. Here we will go on a safari in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Sunset will be in the most pretty white sand beach of BI- Kua Bay.


Day 3 - Camping in Volcanoes National Park

We will leave the Airbnb early in the morning to start the hike. We will shop for what we need at Walmart the day before. Keauhou Trail begins in a solidified lava field. We will walk through what was once a forest and find the renewal of life with trees growing amid lava. Our destination will be our shelter on the beach with a descent of 817m in 4 hours.


We will have the opportunity to snorkel in shallow, crystal-clear waters, enjoy a rustic group dinner on the sand, and contemplate the night learning about the night walkers and culture of Hawaii.

Day 4  - Getting back and diving with mantas

We will wake up inside the NP and will leave early to start the hike back before sunrise. We'll have lunch along the way back to Kona and dive with mantas at night. The large, harmless mantas have no teeth and no stingers. They eat plankton that our lights attract, making for some spectacular up-close viewing. 

(a unica que não é minha).jpg

Day 5 - Papakolea Green Sand Beach

We will wake up early and head to the most unique beach in Hawaii! 

Green sand beach is officially known as Papakōlea. The beach itself is carved in a 49.000 years old cinder cone belonging to the Mauna Loa volcano that contains the green crystals (olivines) that give the beach its name. To get there is an experience itself. Almost 3km of hike in a remote area will give us plenty of opportunity to create and feel inspired before we even get to our goal for the day.

There we will spend all morning and early afternoon. Later we can decide to get back to Airbnb to edit and rest.


Day 6 - Kayak with wildlife and sunset snow in the mountain


Wanna kayak close to whales, dolphins and see the snow all in the same day?


Day 7 -  Swimming and hiking with lava view possibility

We're going to have the opportunity to snorkel and create underwater content in the crystal clear water of one of the best snorkeling spots on the island called Honaunau Bay. 

Our day will end at the Volcanoes National Park where we’ll walk in one of the Kilaueas crater and if we are lucky the see this powerful phenomenon of nature, stay till dark to see the lava flow!

Day 8  - Kauaii

We'’re going to pack and fly to another island of the Hawaiian chain, known as the Garden Island, Kauaii, thanks to its lush greenery and vibrant flowers! Kauai is full of mountains and Hawaiian culture. 

This is going to be a day for us to hang out together at the Airbnb for edit and catch up on what we experienced on the Big Island. If we have time, we'll spend the sunset by a beach nearby.

Day 9:  Kalalau Trail camping

The Kalalau Trail is undoubtedly the most iconic way to see this revered place by land. The trail runs approximately 11 miles (each way) along the island’s north shore from Keʻe Beach to the Kalalau Valley, but can be shortened to a day hike by stopping after the two-mile journey to Hanakapiʻai Beach.


Day 10 - Back from camping and chill at Kauaii


Day 11  - Free day

Day 12 - Farewell





Photographic equipment​

We want to make it clear that there is no such thing as mandatory equipment - what you have is enough! That said, here is a list of equipment and accessories that, if you have them, will provide a better photographic experience. Remember that, on trips of this type, we can always share material and equipment so that we all have an incredible experience! Feel free to contact us beforehand to ask for help when packing/getting equipment.


  • Camera (DSLR/Mirrorless); 

  • Lenses: Both open (wide) and long (tele) lenses work super well in Patagonia. We recommend taking everything you have!;

  • Tripod - indispensable for night photo shoots;

  • Housing for underwater photography;

  • Action cam;

  • Extra batteries;

  • Memory cards;

  • Cables and chargers;

  • Polarizer/ND filter;

  • HD or SSD for storage;

  • Laptop (preferably with Lightroom and Photoshop installed);

  • Drone (not allowed in many places, but worth bringing);

  • External battery;

  • Comfortbale camera bag;

  • Etc!


Working with partner brands

One of the great differentials of this workshop is that we will learn, in practice, how to work with brands. From planning to execution and delivery, we'll get the full experience of how we can monetize "travel photography". We will have a clear briefing of what the brand is looking for as content and we will work as a team to accomplish this task in the best possible way. In this way, we will also train our commercial look so that those who are interested can enter or increase their presence in the photographic market.




The price of the trip is BRL 22.500 / USD 4600 per person. 50% of the payment must be made at the time of booking to guarantee your place and the reminder up to 30 days before the trip (January 28th)

Payment options: Credit card - in installments (with interest, according to the Mercado Pago rate) or in cash, without interest. (Paypal), bank transfer or PIX (to pay with this method, get in touch).

We are happy to organize a way that's convenient for you pay. Feel free to send us a message.

What's included:


  • All accommodation including breakfast and Wi-Fi in a double or triple room (for a single room there will be an extra fee if available). 

  • All tours and activities (unless listed as optional)​


What is not included:


  • Airline tickets

  • Health insurance

  • Photographic equipment insurance

  • Lunch and dinner (in some days)

  • Other meals not mentioned in the program

  • Drinks

  • Optional tours and activities



In case of cancellation:


  • Until 2023, the cancellation is free.

  • If canceled In January, a 50% fee will be charged.

  • After payment of the second installment (deadline: January 28th), the cancellation will not be allowed. If the participant cannot attend, the total cost of the course will be charged.


The participant is allowed to give up his/her spot/find someone else to replace him/her if his/her absence is confirmed, without any additional cost.

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