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embark with us on an unforgettable journey to

Bolivia has a super diverse environment, a deep,
colourful and fascinating culture, and the sense of
embarking on an adventure that takes us well off the
beaten track. 

Hosted by Ricardo Braz, Leo Cavazzana & Andres Mc Lean

July 29th - August 4th 2024

The trip

We're so happy to announce a trip to Bolivia in partnership with Inspired Ventures!

Our trip will be focused on photography, but everyone is welcome, regardless of photography level, age, equipment or physical condition. On this expedition, we intend to pass on all our photographic knowledge to the participants, from planning a photo to the final editing (and much more!). There will be 10 days of photographic experiences in different landscape and light conditions, in addition to part of our time being dedicated to theory and post-editing. The group will be 12 people, including us, and all routes and tours will be done in a private 4x4 car with a guide.


Day 1 - July 29th - Arrival in La Paz 

Everyone should arrive at El Alto International Airport, in La Paz by the morning - there will be a transfer waiting for you at the airport. We recommend you fly in a day or two earlier and overnight at the same hotel as we're staying in to aclimatize better to the altitude.

La Paz will be our base for the next 3 days.

The first afternoon will be spent exploring the  city's architecture, diverse people, food, and even a witches' market - a paradise for street photography. Color and flavor are the order of the day, with something to excite our senses around every unearthed corner. We will explore the city on foot and from the skies, by cable car to get a bird's eye view, while soaking up the magical Kili Kili sunset.

Day 2 - July 30th - Valle de las Animas and Valle de la Luna

Our first sunrise of the trip. The southernmost reaches of La Paz then beckon, bringing us to the small lagoon of Uni, where we will descend into the mythical Valle de las Ánimas – a location that will have you in awe of Mother Nature's raw power a big highlight of our trip. After that, we'll head to a special place for breakfast and then we'll visit Valle de las Lunas, named for its bizarre, lunar-like landscapes and strange geological formations.

Sunset is free - we can potentially edit or go somewhere to photograph. 


Day 3 - July 31st - Biking the Death Road

Riding a bike certainly gives one a wonderful sense of freedom, and although the route we'll take has an ominous-sounding name, the Biking Death Route promises you the ride of your life! Our bus will bring us to our starting point – La Cumbre (4,760 m) - where we will be outfitted with bikes and relevant gear.

After 22 km of asphalt and unimaginable views, we arrive at a Police Checkpoint, after which we get going again on the awe-inspiring dirt and gravel road with its magnificent drops and sharp corners. We finish at La Senda Verde, an animal refuge and eco-lodge, where a cold beer awaits, as well as a very tasty lunch. Freshen up in the showers before we head back to our hotel in La Paz.

This will be a full day activity.

Day 4 - August 1st​​ - Free day in La Paz.

After a big day, we have the right to rest a bit, since we are on vacation after all :)

We can explore La Paz, enjoy the hotel facilities, and sit down to edit and chat about anything related to photography, content creation, business, etc.

Day 5 - August 2nd - Flight to Uyuni and start of Highlands Expedition

We will wake up early to catch a flight to Uyuni and start our Highland Expedition right away. In 4x4s, we embark on our journey to the Eduardo Avaroa National Park that will take us through the Chiguana salt flats to the Ollague Volcano viewpoint.

This picturesque volcano still emits fine columns of smoke, and is the only active volcano in Bolivia. We'll then continue south to the Katal and Vinto lagoons and rock valley, before overnighting at Polques for the next two nights.

Day 6 - August 3rd - Highlands Expedition

Even more watery vistas await, with a visit to the brilliantly-hued Green, White, and Red lagoons – these salt lakes are so named thanks to the colours caused by the mineral suspensions in their waters. We'll see the Dali Desert - a scenic, barren wilderness named after the Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dali. Once you set foot here, you'll understand why – the landscape recalls his bizarre art!



Day 7 - Highlands to Uyuni

Our last day in the Highlandsi sees us catching the sunrise at Sol de Mañana, the highest geyser field in the world at an altitude of 4,850 – 4,910 m. From there, we visit the iconic Stone Tree and Minor lagoons. The lagoons will offer you many opportunities for unforgettable photographs – the interplay of colour, light, and landscape creates a space of beauty and imagination.

We'll overnight in Uyuni and have the first sunset in the salt flats.


Day 8 & 9- Uyuni

We'll chase sunrise, sunsets, and the stars in this incredible location that is a canvas for imagination.

Located in the Bolivian altiplano, high in the Andes, the Uyuni salt flats will enchant you, as its white ground, contrasting with the bluest of skies, stretches before you, as far as your eye can see.

When there is just a bit of water on the ground, you will feel like you are flying, while driving across a seemingly eternal, flat plain. If the conditions allow, we'll visit Cactus Island and Volcano Tunipa.

The clear Uyuni sky makes it perfect for stargazing. Our night-time tour of the salt flats will enchant us beneath a glittering starscape. Thanks to the pristine environment and high altitude, the stars and Milky Way appear brighter than anywhere else. The Salar becomes a constellation of its own after dark, as the salt crystals glint with myriad sparkles just like above. Learning about the constellations in the southern hemisphere has never been more exciting.

Day 10- Uyuni to La Paz

After a final sunrise, we'll drive back to La Paz. The journey will take a while but the scenery is amazing, as we'll see the landscape changing all the time, big mountains and quinoa fields.

In La Paz we'll have our last dinner together!

Day 11- Farewell

It's time to say goodbye :(
Our transfers will be ready to drop you off at the airport in case you're flying back home. If not, we can help you plan your trip extension in Bolivia!

Photographic equipment

There is no mandatory equipment - what you have is enough! That said, below is a list of equipment and accessories that, if you have them, will provide a better photographic experience. Remember that, on trips like this, we can always share material and equipment so that we all have an incredible experience!

  • Camera;

  • Lenses: a 24-70 or equivalent will get you covered for most of the trip, but also open (wide angle) and long (tele) lenses work well in Bolivia - I recommend taking all you have!

  • Tripod - especially for night photo shoots;

  • Extra batteries;

  • Memory Cards;

  • Cables and chargers;

  • Polarizing/ND filter;

  • HD or SSD for storage;

  • Laptop (preferably with Lightroom and Photoshop installed);

  • Drone (use is permitted in most places we will visit);

  • External battery.

Working with partner brands

One of the great differences of this workshop is that we will learn, in practice, how to work with brands. From planning to execution and delivery, we will have the complete experience of how we can monetize “travel photography”. We will have a clear brief of what the brand is looking for as content and we will work as a team to carry out this task in the best way possible. In this way, we will also train our commercial eye so that those who are interested can enter or increase their presence in the photography market.

Each member will receive a kit with products from these brands to use and photograph during the trip.


The price of the trip is XXXX

  • Payment options:


  • What's included:

All accommodations include breakfast and Wi-Fi in double rooms (for single rooms, there will be an extra fee if available)

All tours and activities (unless listed as optional)

  • What's not included:

Flight tickets;

Health insurance;

Equipment insurance;


Optional tours and activities.

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