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17-24th September 2024

Hey :)
We're so happy that you want to join us for this magical trip.

For now, please fill up this little form and we'll message you soon with more details and the next steps.

What's your level of photography?
A place on the expedition costs 4300 USD and includes all transportation around Scandinavia, Hotels, Igloos, national park entrances, and an advanced photography workshop with @leocavazzana and @ricardobrazb. This amount can be paid in 3 installments of 1435 USD until the date of travel. Are you OK with that?
Your place will only be guaranteed once proof of payment is sent. Are you in agreement?
All rooms will be divided into two or three people of the same gender (with exceptions in cases of friendships and relationships). Exclusive rooms are not an option. Is that okay with you?
Do you understand that your photographic enjoyment of the trip is based on your own equipment?
The trip requires some physical fitness due to the schedule, waking up very early for the mountains or sleeping late for the stars and lights, as well as some short trails and a lot of time on the road. We won't do anything advanced, but there will be some walking. Are you willing to participate in our itinerary? If not, that's okay, but the hotel is not as impressive as the mountains.

Obrigado // Thank you!

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