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We'll be hosting 2 groups: From 17-24/09 and 30/09-06/10.

In between these groups, there's an additional tour for Bear Watching, also in Finland, which all guests are welcome to extend their trips. Guests who book both tours will have a discounted package.



embark with us on an unforgettable journey to


Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey where adventure, discovery, and artistic expression converge under the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Aurora Borealis. Our workshop isn't just about capturing breathtaking images of the dancing lights in the Arctic sky; it's a holistic experience that immerses you in the raw beauty of the Scandinavian wilderness. Imagine embarking on hikes and driving through pristine landscapes, where every step leads to a new vista.

Hosted by Ricardo Braz & Leo Cavazzana

  1. 17-24th September 2024

  2. 30th September - 6th October 2024

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The trip


What's a Scandinavian adventure without a road trip? Buckle up as we traverse through picturesque landscapes, winding our way through snow-capped mountains and fjords, chasing the elusive lights wherever they may lead us. Each bend in the road promises a new photographic opportunity, a chance to capture the essence of the Nordic wilderness.


But this adventure isn't confined to the rugged trails alone. Along the way, you'll get a sense of life in the region, from storytelling around crackling fires to sampling traditional cuisine, every interaction adds depth and authenticity to your journey.

Whether you're an amateur enthusiast or a seasoned photographer, our workshop caters to all skill levels, offering guidance and expertise to help you refine your craft and capture the magic of the Northern Lights like never before. So pack your bags, bring along your sense of wonder, and join us on an unforgettable expedition through Scandinavia's most captivating landscapes, where every moment is an adventure waiting to be framed. 


We guarantee amazing northern lights on this trip, due to our amazing local guide Lorenzo. He has developed his own system and due to a lot of driving, we will be under epic northern lights almost every night. 

The Boreal landscape is starting to change in early September. A moment of transition occurs in the surrounding landscape as the last of the summer greens turn yellow.  Because of the intensifying colors and richness of the light, autumn provides some of the most peculiar picture opportunities, especially at sunrise and sunset. There may be mist over the swamps during clear, dark fall evenings, which is followed by a hard frost in the morning. 


Day 1 (group 1 - 17/09 & group 2 - 30/09) 

We meet in Rovaniemi, the heart of finish Lapland, where we will gather the group, buy supplies if needed, and start our trip towards the great north. 


Day 2-6 (group 1 - 18-23/09 & group 2 - 1-5/10) 

We will spend 5 nights driving around Finland, Sweden, and Norway, going wherever the lights will be, and staying in beautiful cottages and igloos. Our destinations will be chosen by our guide Lorenzo daily, according to the KPI (northern light index), precipitation, rain, cloud cover, etc. If necessary, we can drive up to 10 hours a day in search of the perfect spot to capture the northern lights. All accommodations on the road are 3-star hotels (mostly Scandinavian-style cabins and cottages, with a fireplace and sauna).


Day 7 (group 1 - 24/09 & group 2 - 6/10) 

We go back to Rovaniemi for our last goodbyes!




Photographic equipment​

We want to make it clear that there is no such thing as mandatory equipment - what you have is enough! That said, here is a list of equipment and accessories that, if you have them, will provide a better photographic experience. Remember that, on trips of this type, we can always share material and equipment so that we all have an incredible experience! Feel free to contact us beforehand to ask for help when packing/getting equipment.


  • Camera (DSLR/Mirrorless); 

  • Lenses: Wide-angle lenses will perform the best. A 16-35 2.8 or similar is a great lens but, when talking about astrophotography and northern lights, the wider the better. We recommend having a wide prime with an aperture of 1.4 or 1.8 or similar. A great compliment would be a regular mid-range lens like a 24-70 for the rest of the trip.

  • Extra batteries;

  • Memory cards;

  • Cables and chargers;

  • Polarizer/ND filter;

  • HD or SSD for storage;

  • Laptop (preferably with Lightroom and Photoshop installed);

  • Comfortbale camera bag;




The price of the trip is USD 4300 per person. 50% of the payment must be made at the time of booking to guarantee your place and the reminder up to 30 days before the trip (August 25th)

Payment options: Credit card - in installments (with interest, according to the Mercado Pago rate) or in cash, without interest. (Paypal), bank transfer or PIX (to pay with this method, get in touch).

We are happy to organize a way that's convenient for you pay. Feel free to send us a message.

What's included:


  • All accommodation including breakfast and Wi-Fi in a double or triple room (for a single room there will be an extra fee if available). 

  • All tours and activities (unless listed as optional)​


What is not included:


  • Airline tickets

  • Health insurance

  • Photographic equipment insurance

  • Lunch and dinner (in some days)

  • Other meals not mentioned in the program

  • Drinks

  • Optional tours and activities



In case of cancellation:


  • Until June, the cancellation is free.

  • If canceled In after June, a 50% fee will be charged.

  • After payment of the second installment (deadline: August 25th), cancellation will not be allowed. If the participant cannot attend, the total cost of the course will be charged.


The participant is allowed to give up his/her spot/find someone else to replace him/her if his/her absence is confirmed, without any additional cost.

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